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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?

Benefits of a well-maintained suspension system

The suspension system of a vehicle consists of shock absorbers Darlington, springs, joints, rods, linkages, and a few other parts. They all work together to keep the wheels connected to the road optimally at all times, absorb shocks and impacts and optimise steering response. Suspension parts wear-out or get damaged over time, thereby affecting the vehicle’s steering, overall control and stopping performance.

Douglas Tyre And Autocare is a reputable auto garage in Darlington and is well-known for its excellent quality car services at affordable prices. We have highly trained technicians with years of experience and access to state-of-the-art equipment and tools at our facility.

We also offer OE-grade spares for car suspension system Darlington at competitive prices; so, you don’t have to look anywhere else for high-quality parts.

Timely replacement of worn-out suspension parts keeps the stability and control of your vehicle intact.

Keeping the suspension system well-maintained has other benefits, like:

  • Preventing premature tyre wear
  • Reducing wear of the steering and braking systems
  • Keeps the tyres in proper contact with the road
  • Providing maximum driving comfort
  • Controlling excess vehicle bounce, roll, squat and sway
  • Provides consistent braking and handling performance

Signs of a damaged car suspension system

The following signs should be taken as a warning to take your vehicle to our garage for suspension repair Darlington.

Car drifts while turning

The suspension system is responsible for keeping the car body stable when taking turns. When your car veers to one side when turning, it could be a sign of a damaged suspension.

One corner of your car is sitting too low

To test this, you can park your vehicle on level ground and check if all of its corners are on the same level. If one of them sits too low, it may be due to a broken spring.

You feel every bump on the road

If you begin to feel every bump on the road, it’s clear that the shock absorbers Darlington and springs are faulty. A simple check is to push your entire weight on the bonnet and check the number of bounces once you release. If it’s more than three, the struts/shock absorbers might need to be replaced.

Shock absorbers covered with grease

If the shock absorbers appear greasy or oily, your car may have a suspension fluid leak.

Uneven tread wear

A damaged suspension system causes uneven tread wear, putting more pressure on one or more wheels.

‘Nose dives’ when stopping

In case your vehicle takes a ‘nose dive’, i.e., moves forward and downwards when stopping, it’s more likely caused by broken shocks or struts. You might want to look for a car shock absorber repair near me to safely drive your car again.

You can come straight to Douglas Tyre And Autocare in Darlington and get all suspension problems resolved and Suspension Repair Darlington.

You can also call us on 01325 381242 to book an appointment.