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While burning diesel, the engine produces soot particles. These soot particles are trapped by the filters for the proper functioning of the engine. Filters are made to trap a considerable amount of soot, but there is always a limit to it. Therefore, carbon cleaning of these filters and other components of the engine are important to keep your engine in a healthy state. If you notice any problems with your car’s engine like white smoke, unusual noises, or starting problems, you must get it checked at an auto-garage near you. Roadcircles provides you with the option to book an engine cleaning service by Terraclean at a garage near you.

What is Terraclean?

Terraclean is a patented carbon cleaning service that utilises refined fuel to clean the carbon deposits, gums, and tars in the combustion chamber of the engine and also the deposits in DPF separately. The service involves cleaning the fuel-injection system and the pressure regulator to improve fuel combustion. Also, the terraclean’s carbon cleaning system allows for cleaning the carbon deposits in the inlet valves of the combustion chamber.

Once the pressure regulators, combustion chamber, and inlet valves have been cleaned, garage experts flush the aliphatic fuel inside the combustion chamber with the help of a terraclean machine. The fuel is passed down with a negative electric charge that coverts the liquid carbon deposits into fuel vapour. Finally, the chamber is inspected for any unburnt hydrocarbons.

Advantages of getting a Terraclean

Improved engine performance

Terraclean’s carbon cleaning is an excellent way to reach difficult to clean areas of the internal combustion engine like ports, fuel injectors, DPF, etc. This removes the carbon residue and unburnt hydrocarbons, so the engine can perform efficiently.

Increased car lifespan

Getting a terraclean for your vehicle done removes the carbon deposits, soot particles and hydrocarbons from your vehicle’s combustion chambers. It helps in maintaining the engine’s efficiency and enhances the overall life of your car.

Prevents Costly Repairs

Our associated garages utilise modern tools and terraclean machine to thoroughly clean the carbon residue from your engine’s ports and DPF. This prevents the overheating, clogging and rusting of the engine, so you do not have to spend a huge amount of money on engine replacement.

Consequences of Soot Build-up inside the engine

  • Premature wearing of the car engine
  • Clogged oil filter
  • Oil thickening and starting issues
  • Increased carbon emissions into the atmosphere

Book Your Service Today!

If you want to book a cleaning service for your car’s engine, make sure to book an appointment with a local garage near you that provide terraclean service through Roadcircles. We have partnered with top-grade auto-garages to offer you with excellent vehicle services and repairs. Also, we compare the Terraclean costs at the garages near you and come up with the best options.

If you want to know more about the service, please call us on 01865 775522.