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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?

Are you looking for a free tyre pressure check Darlington?

If yes, there is no need to look any further. At Douglas Tyre And Autocare, we use modern, efficient pressure gauges to accurately measure the tyre pressure. Depending on the readings, our experts will deflate or inflate the tyres.

Moreover, you won’t need to book an appointment for this check. Just drop by our facility anytime during business hours.

It is crucial to maintain the optimum tyre pressure to make sure you enjoy a superior handling experience, enhanced safety and increased fuel economy. Most tyres tend to lose up to 3 psi of pressure each month.

Importance of timely tyre pressure checks

Tyre pressures beyond or below the prescribed limit can negatively impact a vehicle’s overall performance. It can also pose a serious threat to your on-road safety. Hence, it is crucial is maintain accurate tyre pressures at all times.

Usually, passenger car tyres have a standard pressure of 30psi -35 psi. You can find the details of your car’s recommended tyre pressure either in the owner’s manual or in the tyre placard.

Driving with inaccurate tyre pressure can have the following consequences:

  • Tyres with incorrect pressure levels can lead to increased tyre wear which will ultimately reduce the service life of the tyres.
  • Inaccurate tyre pressure increases the chances of aquaplaning. This subsequently contributes to loss of traction and reduced handling abilities.
  • The rolling resistance of the vehicle increases due to faulty tyre pressure levels. This can cause a sharp fall in the fuel efficiency.
  • Under- or over-inflated tyres often tend to decrease the steering control of the vehicle.
  • Incorrectly inflated tyres are also prone to more frequent blow-outs.
  • The wrong tyre pressure can have an impact on the vehicle’s suspension, and can result in premature wear and high repair costs.

To avoid these issues, you should opt for a free tyre pressure check in Darlington.

What leads to a loss of tyre pressure?

Car tyres lose pressure due to the following common reasons:

  • Driving on rough and uneven roads
  • Leaks in TPMS valves
  • The weather
  • Slow punctures
  • Incorrect puncture repairs

If you are thinking of getting your car’s tyre pressure checked, consider opting for Douglas Tyre And Autocare.

So, just drive over to our garage for a free tyre pressure check Darlington.