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Michelin Tyres

Michelin owns the trust of numerous top vehicle companies as well as the heart of car-enthusiasts across the globe. The history of this French tyre maker overshoots with innovations like radial tyres, removable tyres, green low-rolling-resistance tyres, and run-flat tyres. In 2020, the brand won a Tire Technology International Award for Innovation and Excellence.

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Some of our most popular Michelin tyres:

Latitude Sport 3

It is a 4x4 tyre that features a central rib through the tyre's tread pattern offering smooth and reliable performance on uneven terrain. This model from Michelin also features a two-ply carcass which enables it to handle the challenges of off-road driving.

Primacy 3 Zero Pressure

This run-flat version of Primacy 3 is constructed with a new generation tread compound and a unique tread pattern that offers optimal wet and dry grip and maximum contact patch. Also, the use of a twin steel belt reinforces the integrity of tyres, ensuring balanced ride quality and longer tyre life.

Pilot Super Sport

Pilot Super Sport has been developed in association with teams from Porsche, Ferrari and BMW. This ultra-high-performance model is manufactured with a Twaron® belt which delivers excellent grip. This variant is specially optimised with dual-compound technology. The carbon black reinforced compound on the outer tread makes these tyres stronger.

On the other hand, the use of compound combinations in the latest generation of elastomers helps to provide unmatched wet grip.

Apart from these, our other popular Michelin tyres include:

  • Pilot Sport 2 (Summer variant)
  • Alpin 5 (Winter variant)
  • CrossClimate (All-season variant)

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